Monday, 2 July 2012

Latest updates on happenings in Nigeria

         It's being a long time since I have updated this blog but that does not mean that the news has stopped. Have being busy with my school stuff and I know God is in control. Mind you though, I am not a religious fanatic but some special situations calls for prayers to whatever you believe in. Real disaster happening in Nigeria - a couple of plane crash both on home and international soil, bomb blast(that has become the norm in the northern part of this country) and so on and so forth. On January 1st, the government "ENFORCED" the removal of fuel subsidy. Their excuse - other countries like Ghana have also removed theirs. Now, that is d lamest excuse I have ever heard. Which of this countries produces fuel more than we do?I daresay that they don"t even produce half of what we produce. When I was in primary school, there is something called "COPYCAT". which means someone who mimics what others does. To me, our president is nothing more than a puppet with people in the background pulling his strings
      The case of the plane crash DANA AIRLINE, we use outdated planes. The crashed plane was bought secondhand and it has being serving the country for upto twenty years (if not more than). Why should we use outdated planes when we have the resources to generate revenue to buy all things new. God no go let 2nd hand things kill us for this country. Another one happened in Ghana but the weather was blamed for this but in my view, Maintenance was what caused this. According to reports, the runaway was slippery and d plane could not stop. Thats Bullshit (forgive me) and we all know this. The control Tower knew that a plane was incoming so why can't they call in the clean-up and maintenance crew to cleanup d runaway and make it a trifle bit okay. 
         Our government is just filled up with a bunch of greedy, fat and snotty old men and women who think of nothiong but themselves and their pockets.
       This one is hilarious - The renaming of a University. According to the students, the president just spoiled their "swag". To me, thats just plain stupid. Read and go. are you going to carry the name of the username before or after your name? The students are just plain stupid and naive and they make me laugh. 


Thursday, 15 September 2011


      BANG, KABOOM, BOOM.This are the ways of the world powers around us. AL-QAEDA, TALIBAN, USA, NATO, BRITAIN, BOKO HARAM etc. The norm of this groups nowadays is to destroy anyone in their way. If you want to make a political statement, just rig a car bomb, detonate it close to a point where INNOCENT PEOPLE are and send a video telling the powers that you are responsible. The idiots too respond by bombing the part of country where you are SUSPECTED to be hereby KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. The emphasis here is on INNOCENT PEOPLE. These people are just killing innocent people for fun. If they really want to make a political statement, they should soak themselves in gasoline and set themselves ablazwe right outside the white house or whatever area they want to get attention.
      The problem with these guys is that they don't want to die but they can kill innocent people who don't have anything to do with their thinkings and beliefs. In the olden and ancient days, if you have a score to settle, you challenge the person to a duel, JUST YOU AND HIM without putting the rest of the population at risk. Did you know that wars are fought because of ONE MAN'S GREED, DESIRE, ANGER? Give me a war in history and I will show you the roots as one man's doing. VIOLENCE IS NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO GO ABOUT THINGS although if it's just your opponent, go ahead and cut each other to pieces, but if it involves other people LIVES, DIALOGUE IS THE WAY. LIFE HAS NO DUPLICATE

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The only sect group which I know are not what they seem to be is BOKO HARAM. Think about it, is NIGERIA an Islamic that they are calling for the imposition of strict sharia in the North. What this proves is that, they want to divide Nigeria into 2 distinct division. From stories I have heard, this was what caused the civil war then when the IGBOS/IBOS wanted to detach themselves from Nigeria.These guys have an hidden agenda that they have not yet revealed.This brings me to their latest atrocity commited against the citizens of NIGERIA and the world at large. THE U.N. BUILDING BOMBING. The building housed humanitarian agencies and was at the time of the attack filled with people who have dedicated their lives to the service of the less priviledge. Do these people deserve to die? This morning, I read in a newspaper that the police has arrested some suspect in relation to the bombing. NICE PIECE OF WORK. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT CRITISIZING THE POLICE. THEY ARE DOING A TERRIFIC JOB. The problem with the nation today is illiteracy and unemployment. Had it being there were policies put in place by the government to favour free education, the boys being lured into these sect would have a highly placed and educational view of the world. MORE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES would keep these boys busy and occupied. As it is said,"AN IDLE MIND IS THE WORKSHOP OF THE DEVIL".

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


There is a saying that goes thus "WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS BOUND TO BE A WAY". This is the case in the arab awakening. why? "because" without the bravery and effontry to tackle this authoritian menace, these citizens would still be at their standing and stagnant point. I have also noticed something that humans always need someone to lead them. without BOAZZI (forgive me for any error made in the spelling), the arabs would have not awakened. NATO and the rest of the coalition forces needed the people to make their first move.
I sincerely believe that GADHAFI should have spared himself the trouble and heartache by simply stepping down. He ought to have followed the example of former egyptian president, HOSNI MUBARAK. MUBARAK put the people first before his own selfish desire and stepped down before the protest got more out of hand. I ADMIRE THE MAN. GADHAFI has been disgraced. literary speaking, my elders always say that a man or human with closed fists always end up losing more than what they bargained for. all what they had in mind was misers but the proverb applies to MOAMMAR GADHAFI. He has lost his family, his prestige, his home, his honour and his place in the society. BASHAR AL-ASSAD is headed down the same path and he is already more than half way there HIS DOOM.
I praise the courage of the citizens of LIBYA AND SYRIA. R.I.P to the martyrs and to the remaining citizens, Keep the flag flying

Friday, 19 August 2011


The UN, America etc have withdrawn their support 4rm d Syrian president BASHAR AL-ASSAD for his crimes against the people of his country. people, just imagine giving soldiers d standing order 2 kill citizens COVERTLY. Now, that is just plain inhuman. the guy is like a green snake under green grass. my people will say (literary translation)''the insect that destroys the plant, resides on the plant'' I strongly back d decisions of OBAMA, MERKHEL AND SARKOZY. GOD HELP THE SYRIAN CITIZENS. The guy is sure to go bonkers knowing that everything he has, has been consficated or ''freezed''. What do you think?


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

- Gunfire and shelling rang out across Syria's coastal city of Latakia early Tuesday amid reports of Palestinian refugees fleeing a restive and impoverished enclave there.
At least five people died on Tuesday, according to a resident who requested anonymity for safety reasons, and the city remained under siege amid a military offensive against protesters.
The humanitarian situation deteriorated amid the government's offensive in the city. Shops and bakeries were closed, and at least two mosques were damaged. The gunfire could be heard "all night and morning," the witness said.
"This is the fourth day that we do not have electricity or water. Landline phone connections have been down most of the day," he said by satellite phone.
Snipers perched atop various locations in the city's al-Ramel neighborhood, the site of a Palestinian refugee camp, he said.
Demonstrations have taken place in the Ramel area every day since the Syrian uprising began five months ago, the Local Coordination Committees of Syria said.
Global pressure on Syria grows
Syrian forces attack Latakia
Violence spreads in Syria
The LCC, a network of opposition activists, said the area's lack of basic urban services could be a reason why those in Ramel are angry at the Syrian government.
"The tragedy of (Ramel) has not stopped since yesterday," the LCC said in a statement Tuesday.
The refugee camp normally holds 10,000 people, but reports have surfaced of many people fleeing violence there.
The resident said a large portion of the Ramel area has been evacuated.
The U.N. Relief and Works Agency, which provides assistance for Palestinian refugees across the Middle East, has expressed alarm over reports of heavy gunfire from Syrian security forces into the refugee camp and other areas.
"Reports from various sources indicate deaths and casualties among the Palestinian refugee population, although poor communications make it impossible to confirm the exact number of dead and injured," it said in its latest statement.
Christopher Gunness, UNRWA spokesman, said refugees in Latakia had been asked to leave by the Syrian security forces. He said some left on their own because they were afraid for their lives.
"We are asking the Syrian government for immediate access to the Palestinians, as their well-being is our responsibility," Gunness told CNN.
The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said security forces entered the city only to protect its residents from armed gangs.
The Syrian government vehemently denied reports that more than 5,000 Palestinians fled the refugee camp in the area after it came under fire from Syrian security forces. It also reported Tuesday that reports of shelling by the navy on Ramel are "completely untrue."
A video posted on YouTube Monday purportedly shows a dead girl who was shot in the eye as her father drove by a security checkpoint in Latakia.
Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an activist group, said the girl and her parents were trying to flee in a car. The father was shot in the shoulder and the mother was lightly injured.
Bloodshed in the country has persisted since a government crackdown on anti-government protesters started in mid-March.
The LCC said at least 2,545 people have died. The vast majority were civilians, and 391 were security personnel, the LCC said.
The strong security reaction to demonstrators calling for political changes has spurred outrage among world powers, like the United States, and among Syria's neighbors, such as Jordan and Turkey.
CNN cannot independently verify opposition or government claims because Syria has restricted international journalists from reporting inside the country.

Monday, 15 August 2011


        There are stories of hellfire and all its blood curdling screams of horror. sometime ago, scientist drilling in remote siberia drilled into hell and recorded the screams there bt can we determine the credibility of the story or not? I ave also heard stories of people being transported in their dreams to hellfire where they met people who they never thought they will meet there bt is this true? 5AXYSB9U2TKV