Wednesday, 24 August 2011


There is a saying that goes thus "WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS BOUND TO BE A WAY". This is the case in the arab awakening. why? "because" without the bravery and effontry to tackle this authoritian menace, these citizens would still be at their standing and stagnant point. I have also noticed something that humans always need someone to lead them. without BOAZZI (forgive me for any error made in the spelling), the arabs would have not awakened. NATO and the rest of the coalition forces needed the people to make their first move.
I sincerely believe that GADHAFI should have spared himself the trouble and heartache by simply stepping down. He ought to have followed the example of former egyptian president, HOSNI MUBARAK. MUBARAK put the people first before his own selfish desire and stepped down before the protest got more out of hand. I ADMIRE THE MAN. GADHAFI has been disgraced. literary speaking, my elders always say that a man or human with closed fists always end up losing more than what they bargained for. all what they had in mind was misers but the proverb applies to MOAMMAR GADHAFI. He has lost his family, his prestige, his home, his honour and his place in the society. BASHAR AL-ASSAD is headed down the same path and he is already more than half way there HIS DOOM.
I praise the courage of the citizens of LIBYA AND SYRIA. R.I.P to the martyrs and to the remaining citizens, Keep the flag flying

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