Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The only sect group which I know are not what they seem to be is BOKO HARAM. Think about it, is NIGERIA an Islamic that they are calling for the imposition of strict sharia in the North. What this proves is that, they want to divide Nigeria into 2 distinct division. From stories I have heard, this was what caused the civil war then when the IGBOS/IBOS wanted to detach themselves from Nigeria.These guys have an hidden agenda that they have not yet revealed.This brings me to their latest atrocity commited against the citizens of NIGERIA and the world at large. THE U.N. BUILDING BOMBING. The building housed humanitarian agencies and was at the time of the attack filled with people who have dedicated their lives to the service of the less priviledge. Do these people deserve to die? This morning, I read in a newspaper that the police has arrested some suspect in relation to the bombing. NICE PIECE OF WORK. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT CRITISIZING THE POLICE. THEY ARE DOING A TERRIFIC JOB. The problem with the nation today is illiteracy and unemployment. Had it being there were policies put in place by the government to favour free education, the boys being lured into these sect would have a highly placed and educational view of the world. MORE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES would keep these boys busy and occupied. As it is said,"AN IDLE MIND IS THE WORKSHOP OF THE DEVIL".

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