Monday, 2 July 2012

Latest updates on happenings in Nigeria

         It's being a long time since I have updated this blog but that does not mean that the news has stopped. Have being busy with my school stuff and I know God is in control. Mind you though, I am not a religious fanatic but some special situations calls for prayers to whatever you believe in. Real disaster happening in Nigeria - a couple of plane crash both on home and international soil, bomb blast(that has become the norm in the northern part of this country) and so on and so forth. On January 1st, the government "ENFORCED" the removal of fuel subsidy. Their excuse - other countries like Ghana have also removed theirs. Now, that is d lamest excuse I have ever heard. Which of this countries produces fuel more than we do?I daresay that they don"t even produce half of what we produce. When I was in primary school, there is something called "COPYCAT". which means someone who mimics what others does. To me, our president is nothing more than a puppet with people in the background pulling his strings
      The case of the plane crash DANA AIRLINE, we use outdated planes. The crashed plane was bought secondhand and it has being serving the country for upto twenty years (if not more than). Why should we use outdated planes when we have the resources to generate revenue to buy all things new. God no go let 2nd hand things kill us for this country. Another one happened in Ghana but the weather was blamed for this but in my view, Maintenance was what caused this. According to reports, the runaway was slippery and d plane could not stop. Thats Bullshit (forgive me) and we all know this. The control Tower knew that a plane was incoming so why can't they call in the clean-up and maintenance crew to cleanup d runaway and make it a trifle bit okay. 
         Our government is just filled up with a bunch of greedy, fat and snotty old men and women who think of nothiong but themselves and their pockets.
       This one is hilarious - The renaming of a University. According to the students, the president just spoiled their "swag". To me, thats just plain stupid. Read and go. are you going to carry the name of the username before or after your name? The students are just plain stupid and naive and they make me laugh. 


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